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"The unique experience I built up from a long career at the world's most creatively-driven, idea-led agency

working on the world's most results-driven, marketing-led client will transform your brand. Guaranteed."

Cliff Francis

Former Worldwide Creative Director at Saatchi & Saatchi for P&G brands including

Tide, Olay, Pampers, Head & Shoulders, Crest, Iams, Eukanuba, Luvs, Safeguard, Ariel and Flash

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"One of the best minds in brand building."

Kim Kraus
Ex-Vice President, Brand & Business Services
Procter & Gamble


Conventional agencies and consultancies take the brief, take it away and take their time before they come back with an answer.

If the answer is wrong, the process starts all over again. And again. And again.

If you're tired of this antiquated, time-consuming, budget-busting process - talk to me. Or better still, talk to my clients about a better way.

I work directly and collaboratively with my clients. In the same room, at the same time so we are always on the same page.

Together we get to breakthrough creative ideas faster and more cost-effectively.

To stay relentlessly relevant, brands need the flexibility and agility to ideate and execute in hours not weeks. That's where I can help.

"While the rest of the industry is talking about the new model,
Cliff and Blue Memo are living it every single day."

Pat Murphy

Founder, MCA (MurphyCobb)



Remember that old triangle graphic with Good Fast Inexpensive at the corners? You can have two but never all three?

That self-serving paradigm is dead. Today is about the Creativity of Scarcity.

Only those who embrace lack of time and resource as just another aspect of the creative challenge will survive in today's relentless, always-on, multi-platform, constantly changing world.

I thrive on it.

"Together with Cliff, we went from a blank sheet of paper to a fully structured brand positioning including new brand name, brand narrative, communications platform and messaging in three sleeves-rolled-up, all-stakeholders-at-the-table meetings.
This allowed us to be up and running in weeks rather than months."

Mark Lopes


Top layer cyber defence


Intensive, one-day session based on techniques developed over many  successful workshops I led at Saatchi & Saatchi.

Designed to produce tangible, actionable results on an accelerated timeline.


"We achieved more in four hours than we would have done in six months.
Cliff asked all the right questions and worked with us collaboratively to get to a new
and totally differentiated brand positioning."

Chad Smith

Founder & Executive Chairman

Liberty Advisor Group


I work directly with clients, their external partners and in-house teams to provide long-term creative direction, strategic  vision and executional oversight on an ongoing basis to help keep brands fresh, agile and relentlessly relevant.


"Cliff combines deep consumer-centric insight with highly original creative thinking to get to breakthrough ideas much faster than conventional process-heavy methods."

Diane Dietz
Rodan + Fields


It's not just a theory.

If you collaborate with partners who share your mindset, anything is possible.

Working alongside the client, FKQ Advertising, and Cary & Jon at Honor Society Films, we got this written, approved, cast, shot, edited, scored, and aired before a conventional agency would have even set up the initial meeting.

And, for those who think that means sacrificing quality or effectiveness, it produced a significant spike in brand awareness and bookings as well as being selected by the CW Network for inclusion in their round-up of The Best Holiday Commercials of All Time.

Hertz has transformed how it goes to market. Our very deliberate strategy is to move as fast and nimbly as conceivably possible. This requires we work with experts who can contribute immediately and at all levels, not just shuffle powerpoints, peddle impractical ideas or pursue their own agenda. We are lucky with Blue Memo to have found Cliff, the perfect partner who allows us to never compromise on excellence while constantly accelerating.”

Eoghan Slye
Ex Vice President - Hertz Brand Marketing



I have spoken on a wide range of creative topics everywhere from the main auditorium at Cannes to client meetings and conferences.
Designed to inspire, inform and entertain, my presentations are individually crafted to give the audience specific and practical insights into building relentlessly relevant brands.

"Cliff is extraordinary.  He is intuitive, creative and just plain brilliant.  He knows how to think beyond stereotypes and create meaningful and inspiring brand ideas that stay with you long after the message is seen.  His presentation at the Women’s Choice Award Summit impressed everyone with its deep insight on how to produce creative that captures the essence of today’s busy woman."

Delia Passi

Founder, Women's Choice Award

Cliff Francis spent most of his career at the world’s most right-brained, disruptive advertising agency (Saatchi & Saatchi) overseeing the global creative output on world’s most left-brained, data-driven multinational CPG behemoth (Procter & Gamble).

This schizophrenic career path has left him with a unique ‘whole-brained’ approach to brand building which he brings to his new company: Blue Memo. Named in homage to P&G’s notoriously brutal creative feedback system, the Blue Memo respected neither creative reputation nor executional gimmick in its ruthless search for a compelling consumer insight that drives a category changing idea.

The crazy rollercoaster ride that is Saatchi led to spells in London, Singapore and New York, adding unique global consumer insight to his brand-building arsenal, whilst making stops at Cannes, where he bought the first ever delegation from P&G – with over 100 lions awarded to their brands under his creative leadership.

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